Monday, March 8, 2010

On Accountability (Business--Not Pleasure)

There are certain truths that people choose to acknowledge, evade, or delude themselves into not believing.  In the following, the word "we" refers to most living, breathing, cognizant adult individuals.  

  • We all operate from different perspectives.  
  • We are all to blame for something.  Maybe not all of something, but at least part of it.  None of us is blameless in any given situation, including when someone feels hurt.  
  • We are called to give without expecting to receive anything back; otherwise the true spirit of giving has been corroded by selfishness.  "I did this for you--now you need to do something to equal it."  WRONG.  It is near impossible to genuinely meet such expectations.
  • It would be helpful if we could realize that our emotions can (and will try to) lead us astray and that our expectations for others are usually not the same as anyone else's.   
  • It's okay to change sometimes.  Learning to communicate differently than how we did ten years ago might be a good idea.  
  • Honesty is surefire.  We should be able to be honest with true friends and family. 
  • Life on earth is too full to pursue negative relationships or to hold on to something that has died.
  • Life's path looks different according to each person who pursues one. 
  • We are wrong often.  Some of us accept this.  Some of us need to.  Some of us never will.
  • If we didn't give in to focusing heavily on what we "deserve", we might finally see that the intentions of loved ones may not necessarily be to hurt us.  Misinterpretation can be clarified if we work to communicate without abrasiveness and with genuine love in our hearts.  If we know that loved ones actually love us, then why should we jump to the conclusion that they are trying to hurt us?  It's likely that they're not, so we need to work harder to...
These points are not the stuff of some chain email.  They are things that are heavy on my heart.  I'm blessed to have had lots of help in attempting to climb these mountainous truths.  I'm still learning.  Aaron, mom, and dad--I owe you one.

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  1. as i read this, I realize I learned/am learning these things primarily through my marriage...what a blessing it is, and character building, for sure. thank you for the reminder!