Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is the Life

I've been sort've demotivated lately about writing things down here, and the main reason is because what consumes my thoughts is pretty niche. I don't record and share recipes (although I use decent ones to make dinner for Aaron and myself that taste good.) I don't sew beautiful things, but I know people who do and I've received and appreciated samples of their amazing work. I don't know about obscure bands unless Aaron plays them for me and I either get bitten by their bug or I pass on them. I know a couple of online shops that sell neat things and I know of some good home design, but I don't sell it or share it here at the online version of the Emmert Family Ranch. I love the job I get paid for. I'm going back to do it part time come Monday, and I don't really write about that here either.

My mind has become one track, and I'm certain if you know me you know what has streamlined my thinking. I write about it all the time. And if all this sugar is rotting your teeth, then I'm sorry, but my reality from May 1st on is the sweetest fruit I've tasted.

At times I've felt the weight of committing my schedule and an unending devotion to meeting the needs of a helpless individual. When I've had to stay home because I am the food, it hasn't been so bad. If someone asks, this is where I'll be. To be fair, it's only been a few months, but I just don't see anything bad yet about this hand we've been dealt. I only feel thankful so far. Although my sleep state might suggest something on the contrary. Being awakened in the middle of the night seven times in as many hours may have slapped a few gripes out of me.  Oh, and listening to hunger screams from the backseat when we're stuck in traffic also has conjured some irrationality.   My very physiology is affected when I'm impeded in any way, even temporarily, from helping a kid I can't yet explain things to. 

None of this happens too often though.  When I'm wakeful and concentrated on being a mother, my heart is glad.  As if you couldn't tell.

So I'll try to stick a boulder over Old Faithful here and pipe down for a while about The Hawk.  Call me if you're in need of sharing in any Hallmark moments and I'll throw on some cheese at the words, 'Levi', 'son', 'sun', 'buns', 'smiles', 'kid' and about six million other words.

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